Now that you know what THC is and how it works, I’ll list the 10 strongest THC strains. Those who have smoked cannabis before should proceed with caution, but seasoned smokers will be transported to a fantastic new world.


Bruce Banner #3 (Grower’s Choice)

Grower’s Choice’s Bruce Banner #3 is among the strongest strains available. Some phenotypes of this OG Kush–Strawberry Diesel hybrid can reach concentrations of THC of 27%. Even experienced smokers may find themselves unable to handle her potency. TOP 10 STRONGEST AND MOST POTENT CANNABIS STRAINS

Do not rush through this! The effects of this strain are extremely rapid and potent. You probably already know that Bruce Banner is the Incredible Hulk, but are you up to the challenge? No one but the most seasoned pros can avoid getting slammed to the ground by this smoke.

Despite its potency, the impact is well-balanced, leaving the user feeling both pleased and relaxed. As a result, you can use Bruce Banner #3 as inspiration or as a means to unwind and relax. The aroma and flavor are equally sumptuous and satisfying. Strawberry Diesel has diesel undertones and a sweet berry flavor, so Kush fans should not be surprised by this combination. Every true cannabis enthusiast should try this first.


Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds)

This is yet another really strong kind. Royal Gorilla, bred by Royal Queen Seeds, also achieves 27% THC. You’ll feel like King Kong after taking this because it gives you such a fantastic high. Royal Gorilla, like Bruce Banner #3, has American ancestry. Growers in Europe, rejoice: Royal Queen Seeds has just released this delicious delight.

The genetics of Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sis, and Chocolate Diesel all contributed to the creation of Royal Gorilla. Her taste has notes of dirt, pine, citrus, and sweetness. Royal Gorilla is well-known for its ability to please the palates of smokers of all stripes due to its rich and pleasant terpene profile.

Royal Gorilla has an impact that is excellent for de-stressing and alleviating stress, but it also provides an uplifting, joyful high. This strain, known as Royal Gorilla, is exceptional because it produces a profound high without impairing mental clarity.


Banana (Zamnesia Seeds)

QualityDopetina Seeds’ Banana offers a unique twist on the standard banana. Although banana flavors aren’t common in cannabis strains, this lady provides a consistent and delicious banana taste. The aromatic blend also features hints of lemon and pepper. Another strain that may trace its roots back to the United States (yeah, they do have the heat there!) is this OG Kush x Banana hybrid. The extraordinary woman has THC levels of up to 30%!

Don’t let her gentle nature deceive you; she has the potential to be extremely demanding if you’re not careful. However, the taste! It’s incredibly complex, with a variety of flavors working together to create an unforgettable whole. This tropical burst of sugar and fruit will overwhelm your taste receptors in a pleasant way.

Banana is one of the most pleasantly memorable substances to smoke or vape. The initial effect is a sativa-like “head rush” that gives you energy and inspiration. Her indica genetics provide a counterpoint, adding a pleasant sense of calm to the combination. This fantastic blend has such a balanced impact that it can be used in every smoking situation.


Critical Kush (Barney's Farm)

Critical Kush is the cannabis strain to go for if you want to land a one-two punch. No novice should attempt to smoke this award-winning hybrid of Critical Mass and OG Kush. This strain was selected for its robustness, its flavor, and its potency.

Light up some of this strain, and you’ll be greeted by a medley of earthy and aromatic scents. The citrus and pine flavors of Critical Kush are complex but not overpowering, and they will make you want more.

Smoking some Critical Kush in the evening is a great idea because it provides a tremendous and ultimately soothing high. At the outset of your session, a THC concentration of 25% will leave you feeling euphoric but not completely detached from reality. You should definitely give this excellent general-use strain a try. You won’t be sorry that you did it.


Gorilla Glue 4 (BSB Genetics)

When a cross shows up more than once on a list like this, it must have a lot going for it. Another variant of the Gorilla, this one produced by BSB Genetics, is presented here. With a maximum THC level of 31%, she is clearly the leader in this category. That’s correct, you spotted a typo. Today’s leading breeders have this capability.

Also, this cannabis will make you quite sedentary, so relax with a long movie (one with good visuals is ideal) or your go-to video game. For such a purpose, nothing beats Gorilla Glue #4. Maybe it’s not even an exercise if your mind is racing but your body feels like jello. We’ll defer to your judgment. Perhaps the potency of this indica will put you right to sleep.

The high from Gorilla Glue #4 is quite potent, and you can count on it to permanently affix a grin to your face. The good news is that these resinous buds only only a few puffs to send you into a deep haze. You should absolutely check out this contemporary legend because this fantastic strain has it all. First, though, you need to prepare for her effect; it’s not easy.


Runtz (Zamnesia Seeds)

Another super strain that was once only available in California, Runtz is now widely available to everyone who want to partake in her pleasures. Knowing that this strain is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez, two formidable competitors, you can rest assured that it will not tolerate any weaklings. The finest of both worlds, this hybrid has 50% sativa and 50% indica.

The sugary notes of Runtz are irresistible. This hybrid’s aroma is reminiscent of opening a bag of pick-and-mix candy and inhaling all the sweet scents at once. Fruitiness, sweetness, and a tinge of citrus characterize the aftertaste, which is consistent with the aroma. Your tongue will be grateful.

There’s a lot to be said about Runtz’s flavor, but we haven’t even begun to touch the surface of the high she provides. At 27% THC, Runtz produces a potent, uplifting high that is perfect for any time of day. Runtz has an even distribution of indica and sativa effects, making her suitable for use at any time of day.


Gorilla Glue Auto (FastBuds)

This is the second Gorilla on our list (do you sense a theme here? ), and despite having “just” 24% THC, it is likely the most potent of the bunch. What gives? This variety, being autoflowering, blooms on its own and is ready to be harvested in half the time it takes photoperiod plants to reach that stage. Autoflowers have historically had low THC concentrations. No longer the case! This mixture has many benefits, one of which is an intense high.

Fresh pine and earthy scents are abundant in Gorilla Glue Auto, so fans of these characteristics might consider picking up a strain of this name. It doesn’t taste or smell like candy at all. Although there are traces of fruitiness, the flavor is primarily diesel and earth.

Gorilla Glue Auto’s goal is to provide a powerful, couch-locking high that can only be experienced to be fully understood. Is it impossible for you to find a strain that will put you to sleep on all levels? Try out Gorilla Glue Auto and give us feedback.


Bruce Banner 3 (Original Sensible)

Not only does the revered Gorilla show up multiple times on our roster, but Bruce Banner 3 also has a secret weapon in the form of a version by Original Sensible Seeds. Tell me how she compares. Originating from Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner 3 is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid with incredible yields. With a THC content of 30%, this strain is quite strong.

This strain, like the previously described Bruce Banner, offers a classic sweet and earthy flavor with traces of diesel for a pleasant smoking or vaping experience. It’s tough to put down this big hitter since the flavor is so satisfying.

This strain is certain to knock you out with its immediate and potent euphoria. When it comes to her strong but soothing high, Bruce Banner 3 does not hold back. Despite her might, she doesn’t give you the couch-lock that would make you a raving green monster.


L.A. Amnesia (Paradise SeedS)

L.A. Amnesia is up next on our agenda. The combination of Amnesia Haze and Kush in this strain makes for a formidable genetic background. You can count on massive, sativa-dominated buds to be loaded with 24% THC. Produced by Paradise Seeds and Chong’s Choice, the firm founded by world-famous stoner Tommy Chong, L.A. Amnesia has the laid-back character of traditional California Kush.

Both the nose and the tongue will like L.A. Amnesia for the abundance of citrus and fruity flavors it carries. This strain will transport you to sunny California with just a few puffs, no matter where you are in the world.

L.A. Amnesia’s intoxicating effect is par for the course. She has an instantaneous calming effect, bringing on waves of contentment that will leave you feeling contented for hours. Feel pleasant vibes all over? This strain is perfect for the beach or your home area.


Girl Scout Cookies (Zamnesia Seeds)

Finally, we have Girl Scout Cookies. This potent hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush is an indica-dominant strain (80% indica, 20% sativa). Girl Scout Cookies, bred by Zamnesia Seeds and originally from the West Coast of the United States, has a tantalizing 23% THC concentration and is sure to put a grin on your face.

The flavor and aroma of this strain feature comforting notes of sweetness and earthiness. However, the cookie-like flavors suggested by the name should be present as well. If you’re looking for something that will stick in your mind long after you’ve eaten it, Girl Scout Cookies are your best bet.

This is the strain to go to if you want a joyful, uplifting, and euphoric experience every time. If you treat this strain with some caution, you’ll soon discover why it’s so popular among cannabis connoisseurs. To get the full Cookies impact, start with a few hits and work up from there.


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